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Welcome to the

20th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference:
Resilience – The New Research Frontier at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,

Trondheim 18-20 June 2014

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) is pleased to announce its 20th Annual conference to be held 18-20 June 2014 in Trondheim Norway.

The conference is hosted by the Department of Product Design (IPD) and the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (IØT) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in association with ISDRS and ERP Environment, publishers of the international journal Sustainable Development.

The 20th Annual ISDRS conference in 2014 is dedicated to research contributing to solving the human efforts for securing well-being and a decent life for all while maintaining the planets ecological capacity for future generations.

The main aim of the  conference is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion on the complex issue of sustainability and its relations to resilience in nature and society, welcoming both empirical and theoretical contributions considering developed, developing and transition perspectives.

ISDRC 20 addresses the following topics:

• Resilience thinking and the science of sustainability
• Demographic challenges for sustainable development
• Renewable resources and energy
• Sustainable Land Use & Sustainable cities
• Sustainable innovation through products, services and infrastructures
• Globalization, justice and fair distribution
• Resilience of governance, institutions and economic and public structures.



ISDRS is committed to the task of distributing knowledge of sustainable development such as RIO+20 goals and strategies, the for the benefit of all people. Sustainable development places multiple and urgent demands upon global and local societies whose stakeholders eventually will determine the degree to which the earth’s resources are sustained. The main objectives of the conferences are to disseminate recent and important research results in sustainable development and to reduce the gap between research and practice by being an information channel for sustainable development. A newsletter is published quarterly containing editorials and brief reports on latest in news and research relevant to sustainable development. Finally, the society publishes the peer-reviewed journal Sustainable Develop-ment, with a current impact factor of 1.2, and cooperates in the publication of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Business Strategy and the Environment, and En-vironmental Policy and Governance.

The ISDRS Board of Directors consists today of 17 members coming from a wide a geographic and disciplinary range. President and founder of the society is Professor Richard Welford – Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, the Norwegian representatives are Associate Professor Dr. Martina Maria Keitsch Department of Product Design, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT) and Dr. Cecilia Haskins, Post-Doc researcher, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management (SVT) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

 About NTNU

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology  (NTNU) is the second largest university in Norway with 18.000 students. NTNU is the major national hub for technological research and education. The academic staffs at NTNU (7 Faculties, 52 departments) collaborate on projects with researchers all over the world, and with national and international business and industry as well as with Norwegian public authorities.